Winter giveaway

Umm Simplicity has teamed up with 5 other businesses to bring you an amazing giveaway via Instagram. As winter is the best season for the Muslim believer characteristic for its long nights, we thought why not treat you all. There will be 6 winners in total. Each winner will receive a special handmade goodie from one business only.

The businesses involved are as follows:

  1. Umm Simplicity- we are giving away one lavender pillow, one pack of reusable hand warmers and a pack of jelly sweets
  2. As Sujood (creating and selling handmade, padded prayer mats, Islamic gifts and accessories) – are giving away a luxury prayer mat
  3. Elegantly Sunnah (stockist of premium quality sunnah products and gifts) – are giving away an Elegantly Sunnah gift box
  4. Al-Mu’minaat Clothing (specialising in one piece jilbabs with pockets, tailormade options available) – are giving away a prize of the winners choice.
  5. Sharqiaa London (selling original Abaya Sharqiaa products directly imported from Saudi Arabia) – are giving away a Niqab & Swarovski crystals logo hijab
  6. Fragranta – (creating scented candles and wax melts) – are giving away a jar of raw organic Acacia & Wildflower honey & a snap bar (wax melt) of the winners choice

The giveaway will close 07.12.2019 & the winners will be announced via Instagram on 08.12.2019

All the best!

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