In this uncertain and daunting time for nearly everyone, what can you do to help Umm Simplicity (or any small business as a matter of fact)?

Many businesses have closed their doors temporarily due to commitments/ obligations of all sorts. And mainly due to the fact that sales have plummeted. This is indeed a very stressful time for many small business owners as we’ll be wondering where our income will come from when we’ll be able to create something again and most importantly just like everyone else we’re also praying and hoping for it to be safe to go outside again.

The stark reality is that if you don’t buy from us we may need to close our doors permanently and that means giving up on something we love forever… And this can have adverse effects on one’s health. For Umm Simplicity not only is this business a means of making an income but also a creative outlet. Releasing your creative flow and seeing your creativity live in front of your eyes releases a chemical hormone called dopamine which makes you happy and motivates you. That’s why creating anything whether it be baking a cake or making a card can get kind of addictive! And the more you’re addicted to it the more you want to achieve and the better you become at your craft.

We want to continue creating and want to see others excelling at their craft too.

Please help Umm Simplicity whether it’s a like/ comment on one of our social media posts, by recommending us to your family/ friends or making that small purchase it’ll help us to fight through these challenging times.

Thank you.






Why should YOU support a small business?

Why is it important to support small businesses?

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’ we’d still be open”

That above statement was made by one small business who couldn’t afford to stay open due to tons of compliments but not many sales. As much as we love to hear your lovely compliments, we love making sales too, because when we make sales it ensures the following:

  • Our bills are paid and food is put on the table every day.
  • You are supporting small business owners and their families. You never know what you may be helping them invest towards; maybe you’re helping that person just meet ends meet each month, save to buy their first home, take their business to the next level or support their family.
  • We get a sense of assurance and security
  • By buying from a local business you support the local economy.
  • And most importantly it means that we can stay open and enjoy the things we like doing whilst making others happy too. You can’t buy things made with love and passion from the high street shop. So, it’s important to support small businesses; only you can ensure the talent doesn’t fade away.

The heartbreaking statement above shows you exactly how important it is to make that small sale, even if it’s something costing you £1.00. Make the purchase!

For the majority of us, this is our only source of income.

So, the next time you come across a small business, please take some time to appreciate their products. You don’t have to spend much, you can purchase just a pen, just a bookmark, just a card or just a slice of cake. What counts is that you make that purchase and tell all your family and friends about it so that we (small businesses) can stay open.

Thank you

Umm Simplicity

Charity Jars

Charity Jars is an initiative started by Umm Simplicity to support local and dear charities through our little business.

It aims to help those in need or support worthy causes with your donations while allowing you to enjoy something tasty at the same time.

We will be donating 30% of each jar towards the chosen charity. You may ask, why only 30%? Well, we’re a small business (not a charity), this is all we can afford to be giving away.

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Winter giveaway

Umm Simplicity has teamed up with 5 other businesses to bring you an amazing giveaway via Instagram. As winter is the best season for the Muslim believer characteristic for its long nights, we thought why not treat you all. There will be 6 winners in total. Each winner will receive a special handmade goodie from one business only.

The businesses involved are as follows:

  1. Umm Simplicity- we are giving away one lavender pillow, one pack of reusable hand warmers and a pack of jelly sweets
  2. As Sujood (creating and selling handmade, padded prayer mats, Islamic gifts and accessories) – are giving away a luxury prayer mat
  3. Elegantly Sunnah (stockist of premium quality sunnah products and gifts) – are giving away an Elegantly Sunnah gift box
  4. Al-Mu’minaat Clothing (specialising in one piece jilbabs with pockets, tailormade options available) – are giving away a prize of the winners choice.
  5. Sharqiaa London (selling original Abaya Sharqiaa products directly imported from Saudi Arabia) – are giving away a Niqab & Swarovski crystals logo hijab
  6. Fragranta – (creating scented candles and wax melts) – are giving away a jar of raw organic Acacia & Wildflower honey & a snap bar (wax melt) of the winners choice

The giveaway will close 07.12.2019 & the winners will be announced via Instagram on 08.12.2019

All the best!

Personalised gifts

In the past couple of months, we’ve had an influx of personalised orders come through. These are our favourite types of orders because you trust us with something you’ll so lovingly be gifting.

We do a variety of personalised items and if you ever wanted something that you couldn’t see on our website, you can always send us an email and we’ll do our best to help you.

Have a browse through our latest creations below. +We even had the pleasure of making stickers for a wedding reception, not once but twice! You can imagine how exciting this was for us!

Personalised congratulations card

Personalised gift-giving ceremony card

Personalised thank you card

Personalised sticker sheets









Get to know!

Umm Simplicity est. October 2018 is a handmade and upcycling gifts business.

Only recently we have added pre-loved items to our expanding product base.

Sidra Shakoor the founder of Umm Simplicity has always loved the concept of gifting others. Usually, when she bought gifts from the high street they came with the unnecessary packaging and materials which are destructive for the environment such as plastic. Plastic is one of the worst packaging products as it takes years to decompose and worst of all it has ended up in the oceans endangering sea life and causing others to become extinct. She is very passionate about reusing and recycling so she upcycles items which would have otherwise gone to the landfill. In turn, this reduces the pressure and cost of disposing of these items and ultimately makes the items usable and beautiful once again.

Another thing Sidra has always loved whilst growing up is creating different handmade things. She has always had a creative flair and considered herself as a crafter more than anything! She has tried her hand at nearly everything from painting canvases to producing resin art pieces.

She remembers on her 10th birthday when her dad bought her a spray art pen set with all the colours and colouring sheets. She was ecstatic and absolutely loved it. She vowed to keep it forever. Oops! Since then she has created many different pieces of art and enjoyed every bit of it.

Over the years she has gained the following qualifications in the creative field:

  • Design & Technology: Product design
  • Fashion and Textiles: Sewing & Textiles
  • Art, Design & Creative Studies: Graphic Design

When Sidra came up with the idea of Umm Simplicity she wanted to combine eco-friendly, minimal packaging and simplistic items altogether and produce items which when gifted gave a pleasurable gifting experience. Creative ideas come to her naturally so she had plenty of inspiration to get started. Like everything, it was a bit of trial and error at first but now she has found her ideal strategy to say and plans to execute it in the best possible way so that Umm Simplicity is the best it can be.

If you have purchased from Umm Simplicity previously, share experience on your social media by using the hashtag #ummsimplicity

If you’re not already following us, give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram so that Umm Simplicity can continue helping the environment and creating unique pieces.

Ramadan time sheet

Grab yourself a free pretty Ramadan Suhoor and Iftar time sheet.

All you need to do is click the image below, save and print. Slip into a frame and use a whiteboard marker to mark each day.

If you would like to request a PDF version, please email for it to be sent to you.

There’s no catch. This is fisabililah.

Enjoy and reap the rewards of the upcoming blessed month of Ramadan!


March Meet The Maker: our favourites

March was a fun month for us. We took part in the March Meet The Maker Challenge for the first time. It is a challenge thought of by Joanne Hawker. 31 days of getting to know us better.

As mentioned in our previous March Meet The Maker blog post, we are going to share our favourite top 6 posts through the month. This is going to be hard but here goes:

Day 7 of the #marchmeetthemaker 

I have to say the less glam side of being self-employed is running around like a headless chicken at times and ending the month not having had made enough sales.

This is why it is imperative you as an individual support your local small business. Spread the word. However, nice they may sound, compliments only go so far and they most certainly don’t help financially unless a purchase is made after that.

There are some wonderful small businesses working their socks off day in, day out. Credit goes to them. Tell us about your favourites in the comments section below 👇🏼

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What’s in a name?

We get asked a lot what ‘umm’ means in the name Umm Simplicity. Majority of the people think it means ‘erm’, as in when someone is thinking of something to say. Others simply don’t know. You’ve got it totally wrong!

Allow us to explain:

Umm is an Arabic word meaning mother of

Simplicity in the English language is defined as the quality or condition of being easy to understand.

So, Umm Simplicity means mother of all things handmade and upcycled in a simple way.


At Umm Simplicity we like to enjoy the simple things in life. We love to upcycle and reuse ensuring our actions affect the planet in the most minimal way possible, if not at all.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best quality product possible in a simple and to-the-point way so that you’re able to have a pleasurable gifting experience.


March meet the maker

Some of you may have already noticed that over on our Instagram page at the beginning of this month, only yesterday we started the month off with a post that had the hash tag #MarchMeetTheMaker. As this is our first year doing it, you may be wondering what on earth is this?! *confused expression* Worry not, here is where the explanation comes in.

This 31 day Instagram challenge was started in 2016 by designer and maker Joanne Hawker as a way to show off and appreciate all the hard work that goes into running small creative businesses. It’s a great way to get a look behind the scenes and meet the people behind lots of small creative businesses!

We’ll be posting a new picture every day with the hash tag #MarchMeetTheMaker to show you every part of our making process and creating life. Head over to Instagram to follow us.

There is a specific hash tag to watch out for, so make sure you’re following it.


Below is a picture of what we’ll be talking about on each day of this month.

At the beginning of April we’ll be reflecting on the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge and we’ll put up a new blog post which will include 5 of our top favourite posts from the challenge.

So, here goes to a full 31 days of getting to know us better.