• Charity Jars

    Charity Jars

    Charity Jars is an initiative started by Umm Simplicity to support local and dear charities through our little business.

    It aims to help those in need or support worthy causes with your donations while allowing you to enjoy something tasty at the same time.

    We will be donating 30% of each jar to the chosen charity. You may ask, why only 30%? Well, we're a small business (not a charity), this is all we can afford to be giving away.

    We have started this initiative off by supporting the new extension being made at our local Mosque Jame Salafiyyah, Derby.

    We plan & hope to support different 100% donation only charities in the future.

    Now the exciting part! What's inside the jars?

    You will have an impressive variety of jars to choose from.

    • Crunchy Bombay Mix jar

    • Rich cheesecake jar (oreo, strawberry, aero mint, salted caramel & choc orange flavours to choose from)

    • Juicy date jar

    • Wholesome mixed nuts jar

    • Chewy gelatine mixed sweets jar (small & large)

    Whether you're a sweet or savoury kind of person, we've got you covered!

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  • Personalised Gifts

    Personalised Gifts
    In the past couple of months, we've had an influx of personalised orders come through. These are our favourite types of orders because you trust us with something you'll so lovingly be gifting.
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  • What's In A Name?

    What's In A Name?
    We get asked a lot what 'umm' means in the name Umm Simplicity. The majority of the people think it means 'erm', as in when someone is thinking of something to say. Others simply don't know. You've got it totally wrong!
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