June 29, 2021

March Meet The Maker: Our Favourites

By Sidra Shakoor
March Meet The Maker: Our Favourites

March was a fun month for us. We took part in the March Meet The Maker Challenge for the first time. It is a challenge thought of by Joanne Hawker. 31 days of getting to know us better.

As mentioned in our previous March Meet The Maker blog post, we are going to share our favourite top 6 posts throughout the month. This is going to be hard but here goes:

Day 7 of the #marchmeetthemaker 

I have to say the less glam side of being self-employed is running around like a headless chicken at times and ending the month not having had made enough sales.

This is why it is imperative you as an individual support your local small business. Spread the word. However, nice they may sound, compliments only go so far and they most certainly don’t help financially unless a purchase is made after that.

There are some wonderful small businesses working their socks off day in, day out. Credit goes to them. Tell us about your favourites in the comments section below 👇🏼

Day 12 of the #marchmeetthemaker 

The hands behind all the hard work done by Umm Simplicity. From designing to packing to shipping everything is done by these very hands.

Day 19 of the #marchmeetthemaker 

Our dream collaboration would be with a florist, interior designer or ephemera addict! We love vintage, rustic and farmhouse themed settings adorned with gorgeous smelling flowers. Just like the picture below! We would incorporate our skills of handcrafted creativity into the space.

Day 22 of the #marchmeetthemaker 

We couldn't decide which single product to pick to say we’re proud of so we took a slightly different approach and told you we’re proud and happy to be supporting charities and events with donations of our products. We absolutely love helping others out!

📷 @sixteenmilesout

Day 23 of the #marchmeetthemaker 

Our advice would be don’t let others negativity or lack of support dampen your shine. At the beginning criticism used to get to us but now we just brush it off and look ahead to the good days!

Day 26 of the #marchmeetthemaker 

As mentioned at the beginning of the month I didn’t continue my career in pharmacy due to health reasons and became self-employed, later on. Keeping down a job is extremely demanding and it took its toll on my health.

To be honest, I am a workaholic and I don’t realise when I need a break so after a massive shock to me and my family I have learnt to care for myself before anything or anyone else.

I have invested in things that will assist me in creating products and most importantly invested in my health too. If your health is not right then you don’t have the motivation to do anything. So, look after it. It’s the most valuable thing you have, only you can take care of.