June 29, 2021

Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Surely?!

By Sidra Shakoor
Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Surely?!
During the current unprecedented times I've limited my time outside to one day per week (for necessity).
The tight restrictions and regulations are in place for our own safety so please do follow them. It will save lives. Please don't think this virus won't affect you, take the necessary precautions, and always keep 2 metres apart from other people and carry a hand sanitiser to use.
Please head over to the government website and familiarise yourself with the rules your tier requires you to follow.
On my one day out per week, I noticed people were not adhering to the rules as strictly as they should be doing. I'm not too sure why; maybe they need a gentle reminder.
So, we've designed these stickers/tags/badges whatever you want to use them for, to use as a reminder for yourself and others
How to use
  1. Save the image you want to use
  2. Resize the image to your desired size by pasting it into Microsoft Word
  3. Print & Cut around the edge of the image
  4. Laminate (optional)
  5. Punch a hole and use as a tag - tie it to your bag or the zipper on your pocket/print on sticker paper and stick onto your bag/coat
Head over to our Instagram page to see how we used ours.

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Surely, prevention IS better than cure.