June 20, 2021

Why should YOU support your local small business?

By Sidra Shakoor
Why should YOU support your local small business?

Why is it important to support a small business?

"If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card' we'd still be open"

The above statement was made by a small business that couldn’t afford to stay open due to tons of compliments but not many sales. As much as we love to hear your lovely compliments, we love making sales too, because when we make sales it ensures the following:


  • You are supporting small business owners and their families. You never know what you may be helping them invest towards; maybe you're helping that person just meet ends meet each month, save to buy their first home, take their business to the next level or support their family.

  • We get a sense of assurance and security

  • By buying from a local business you support the local economy.

  • Our bills are paid and food is put on the table every day.

  • And most importantly it means that we can stay open and enjoy the things we like doing whilst making others happy too. You can’t buy things made with love and passion from the high street shop. So, it’s important to support small businesses; only you can ensure the talent doesn’t fade away.

The heartbreaking statement above shows you exactly how important it is to make that small sale, even if it’s something costing you £1.00. Make the purchase! For the majority of us, this is our only source of income.


Making that small purchase has become even more necessary now due to the unprecedented times we continue to live in when many small businesses have had to close their doors which saddens us deeply.


So, the next time you come across a small business, please take some time to appreciate their products. You don’t have to spend much, you can purchase just a pen, just a bookmark, just a card or just a slice of cake. What counts is that you make that purchase and tell your family and friends about it so that we (small businesses) can continue enjoying what we do by making amazing products for you.


Thank you, kindly!


Umm Simplicity