• March Meet The Maker

    Some of you may have already noticed that over on our Instagram page at the beginning of this month, only yesterday we started the month off with a post that had the hashtag #MarchMeetTheMaker. As this is our first year doing it, you may be wondering what on earth is this?! *confused expression* Worry not, here is where the explanation comes in.
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  • Get To Know!

    Get To Know!

    Umm Simplicity est. May 2017 is a handmade gifts business.

    Sidra Shakoor the founder of Umm Simplicity has always loved the concept of gifting others. Usually, when she bought gifts from the high street they came with unnecessary packaging and materials which are destructive for the environment such as plastic. Plastic is one of the worst packaging products as it takes years to decompose and worst of all it has ended up in the oceans endangering sea life and causing others to become extinct. She is very passionate about reusing and recycling so she upcycles items that would have otherwise gone to the landfill. In turn, this reduces the pressure and cost of disposing of these items and ultimately makes the items usable and beautiful once again.

    Another thing Sidra has always loved whilst growing up is creating different handmade things. She has always had a creative flair and considered herself as a crafter more than anything! She has tried her hand at nearly everything from painting canvases to producing resin art pieces.

    She remembers on her 10th birthday when her dad bought her a spray art pen set with all the colours and colouring sheets. She was ecstatic and absolutely loved it. She vowed to keep it forever. Oops! Since then she has created many different pieces of art and enjoyed every bit of it.

    Over the years she has gained the following qualifications in the creative field:

    • Design & Technology: Product design

    • Fashion and Textiles: Sewing & Textiles

    • Art, Design & Creative Studies: Graphic Design

    When Sidra came up with the idea of Umm Simplicity she wanted to combine eco-friendly, minimal packaging, and simplistic items altogether and produce items which when gifted gave a pleasurable gifting experience. Creative ideas come to her naturally so she had plenty of inspiration to get started. Like everything, it was a bit of trial and error at first but now she has found her ideal strategy to say and plans to execute it in the best possible way so that Umm Simplicity is the best it can be.

    If you have purchased from Umm Simplicity previously, share your experience on your social media by using the hashtag #ummsimplicity

    If you're not already following us, give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram so that Umm Simplicity can continue helping the environment and creating unique pieces.

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  • Ramadan Time Sheet

    Grab yourself a free pretty Ramadan Suhoor and Iftar timesheet.

    All you need to do is click the image below, save and print. Slip into a frame and use a whiteboard marker to mark each day.

    If you would like to request a PDF version, please email for it to be sent to you.

    There's no catch. This is fisabililah.

    Enjoy and reap the rewards of the upcoming blessed month of Ramadan!

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  • What Does Umm Simplicity Do?

    What Does Umm Simplicity Do?
    Umm Simplicity is an independent creative maker based in Derbyshire. Established in 2017 by Sidra Shakoor, Umm Simplicity aims to produce beautiful handmade and upcycled items, ranging from stationery and greeting cards to chocolate favours – perfect as a unique gift for others (or yourself – we won’t tell!)
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