• Letterbox Gift Box

    Letterbox Gift Box

    Social distancing is in full effect.

    For many, that'll mean they're unable to visit loved ones and will have to postpone events but that doesn't mean you can't send that special person a little something to show them you're thinking about them. We know it's really hard and can get lonely but we want to do our part to help you to put a smile on someone's face.

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  • Lockdown Alert!

    Lockdown Alert!

    Many businesses have closed their doors temporarily due to commitments/ obligations of all sorts. And mainly due to the fact that sales have plummeted. This is indeed a very stressful time for many small business owners as we'll be wondering where our income will come from when we'll be able to create something again and most importantly just like everyone else we're also praying and hoping for it to be safe to go outside again.

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  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Surely?!

    Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Surely?!
    During the current unprecedented times I've limited my time outside to one day per week (for necessity).
    The tight restrictions and regulations are in place for our own safety so please do follow them. It will save lives. Please don't think this virus won't affect you, take the necessary precautions, and always keep 2 metres apart from other people and carry a hand sanitiser to use.
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