About us

About us

Umm Simplicity is an independent creative maker and online gift shop based in Derby, England. Established in May 2017 by Sidra.

Umm Simplicity aims to produce a whole range of beautiful personalised & custom handmade gifts in addition to contemporary gorgeous gifts.

Giving gifts is an age-old tradition, dating back hundreds of years.  

When you give a gift you are making someone feel special and valued and this is more than enough a reason to make you gift more.

In the religion of Islam, giving and receiving gifts is a very important tradition which is one of the good manners that maintains and strengthens relations between the giver and the recipient. A gift is an offering made as a token of goodwill, and with the objective of making the recipient happy and winning the good graces of the Lord.

 “Exchange presents with one another. Presents remove ill-will from the hearts.”

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him)

The founder of Umm Simplicity has always loved the concept of giving and receiving gifts and making others feel special.

Umm Simplicity is a small independent business run by Sidra who takes a simplistic approach when designing so that products produced are able to satisfy everyone’s needs.

We create gorgeous gifts for your special occasions. Beautiful and unique, catered to your style and requirements. we're always more than happy to help to achieve your perfect gift. We want you to receive nothing less than a perfect service so that you can feel the ultimate gifting experience. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone you love or yourself you’re sure to find something special here.

Each and every product by Umm Simplicity is delivered to the best standard possible in a simple manner, hence the name Umm Simplicity.

Umm is an Arabic word which translates into English as 'mother of'

Umm Simplicity = Mother of Simplicity (that's Sidra summed up perfectly!)

At Umm Simplicity, we are dedicated to bringing you the best quality product possible so that you are able to have a pleasurable gifting experience.

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